Advocates of Academic English

The academic English advocated by Zhihui emphasizes the simultaneous improvement of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities, and the systematic development of "skilling" skills.

More and more young Chinese children need not only "hearing" but also "reading and writing" when facing an international learning environment. The study of "reading and writing" is not only the mastering of vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar, and paragraphs, but also the cultivation of thinking and viewpoints, as well as cultural understanding and world awareness. The improvement of language ability is a spiral upward process, and the science provided by Zhihui and the correctness of the learning methods are a strong foundation to ensure this rise. In Zhihui, children gain this language learning Base and the fun of international learning.

Techniques, techniques and methods. In Zhihui, learning "shu" refers to the method of learning. The 21st century soft skills that are increasingly valued by parents, including but not limited to, creative thinking, teamwork, the use of interdisciplinary knowledge (STEM), the ability to communicate, the ability to investigate and research, the ability to solve problems, and critical thinking These are learning methods designed to help K12 youths improve their learning efficiency and learning outcomes, as well as the skills they must master in the future in the face of internationalized learning, work and living environments.

Zhihui Academic English introduces K12 English textbooks published in the United States, cooperates with a large number of original English books, uses classroom teaching methods from American primary, middle and primary schools, combines the thinking characteristics and learning environment of Chinese children, and passes the domestic first-class international bilingual schools. Validation and upgrade, the acquisition of the "skill" learning throughout the classroom teaching, so that the majority of students master the comprehensive use of English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, while mastering the 21st century learning methods.

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Zhihui Academic English's overall curriculum is aligned with the US K12 Common Core curriculum standards. By improving students' English reading, reading, and writing literacy, they help 4 to 15-year-old students lay a solid academic English foundation.
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Zhihui Features

Learning to LEARN, Learning to THINK.
Learn to learn and gain wisdom.

Student harvest

Bilingual culture proficiency in English and Mandarin.
Become a bilingual between Chinese and Western cultures.

Aspirations of students
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Zhihui Learning Center

Zhihui Academic English's innovative teaching design includes the choice of teaching environment, software and hardware, teaching content, teaching methods, and teachers.

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